My Favourite Childhood Memory

I have many happy childhood memories (many of them involving food) but my favourite one is freedom!

I wish I could replicate this freedom for my children but society has changed. For some reason, it is now frowned upon for children to do things on their own, without adult supervision. This applies to so many different situations, whether that is playing in the streets or walking to school. Whereas I used to be able to collect my younger brother at the end of the day, when I was 11 and he was 7, that would never happen today.During the summer evenings, after finishing my homework, I was allowed to go out into the street and play. I grew up in the suburbs of a city and I knew many of the children who lived in the neighbouring houses. We used to charge around, in and out of each other’s gardens playing hide and seek and 40,40. We whizzed around on our bikes, climbed trees, walked along walls and generally had a lot of fun. We never had to tell anyone where we were going or what we were doing – we could just be spontaneous. It was fantastic.

In my view, being a parent is a process of letting go and giving your children a chance to do things for themselves. I wonder what their favourite childhood memories will be in the future?


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