Planning Your Sunroom Design

If you want to add extra space to your home, that you want to be able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, you should consider a sunroom. With a sunroom, you can enjoy the outdoor surroundings all year long, day or night.

A sunroom will give your family a place to relax and be refreshed. This is a great place to spend time together. Your family will enjoy this elegant space, and it will increase the value of your home. On the other hand, maintenance for sunroom is never easy but could be done by yourself however, according to a worker from a termite pest control Santa Clara County based company, just make sure you don’t overlook termites living on wooden anchors of the glasses as it may cause glasses to colapse.

Planning your Sunroom

Before you call in a contractor to prepare your home for the sunroom, you need to decide some things. Start by looking over the available material. You can get this information from sunroom manufacturers.

Image result for increase the value of your home with a sunroomMake sure you know the specifics of your design plan, including the total square footage of the planned space, the wall height and thickness, the width and thickness of the insulated windows, and the live and wind loads. You should also specify whether you want to use aluminum alloy or wood in your sunroom design.

After you get the technical specifications squared away, consider how the sunroom’s design plan will reflect the planned use of the room. Will this be a formal room used for special occasions and gatherings? Will you use is as a casual room, where friends and family can kick back and enjoy themselves?

Maybe you have a big family and there are lots of pets and kids. If so, them you may be better off looking for a sunroom design that has extra space for them to play. The design should be tailored to meet your needs.

When working on the design you need to determine if you want the walls constructed entirely of glass, or do you want knee panels so that you can have a few electrical outlets. I saw some inspirational designs at if it will help.

Do you need to adapt the sunroom design so that you can build it on top of an existing porch or deck? Do you need to pour a new foundation for the sunroom?

Do you want a conservatory sunroom design with walls and ceilings made of glass? Or, would you rather have a well-insulated sunroom with special glazing so that you can use it all year long?

Design a Sunroom That Fits Your Budget

You should expect to pay between $10,000 and $70,000 for a sunroom. So, it’s important to speak to your contractor about ways to create a sunroom design that incorporates the features you want without going over your stipulated budget.

For example, if you have a deck or porch, you can build the sunroom onto its foundation. It will cost more money to grade your lot and pour a new foundation. This money can be applied to other features you want in your sunroom.

If you choose a three-season design instead of a four-season sunroom, you’ll save a lot of money. However, that means you won’t be able to use your sunroom three or four months of the year if you have severe winters in your area.

In the end, your sunroom design should be the result of lots of thought, planning, and discussions with your qualified sunroom contractor.

Creative Ideas for the Best Holiday Candy Buffet Ever

A candy buffet is a dessert table that works quite similar to the kind of buffet station you would expect to see serving food. If you are in search of the perfect dessert set up at an upcoming gathering you are hosting, but unsure of how to go about it, have no fear! We have plenty of fantastic ideas listed for you here.

#1. Christmas Party Candy Buffet

Are you celebrating the holiday season with your loved ones at a soiree you are hosting? A candy buffet Image result for holiday candy dessertmakes the perfect dessert station for those who are hoping for a holly jolly Christmas. Don’t worry about what candies to choose, you can go online to have some ideas, like sneak on One idea is to lay down a tablecloth that covers the table you choose to serve on nicely, which hanging over the front quite a bit. You may even want the cloth to be long enough to graze the table. On the tablecloth, attach some stockings and let them hang at the front of your candy display. In these stockings, you can place candy canes or any choice of holiday candy you so choose. On top of the table, lay down either plastic or paper cups and bowls (usually found in the party aisle in most stores like Walmart or Target). Plastic ones are ideal if you want something see-through to display the candy selection you so choose in an easy way. And you don’t have to just use peppermint candy canes during this time of year. Green and red candy would be ideal, but this can be anything from sour apple and cherry taffy to individually wrapped chocolates.

#2. Easter Candy Buffet

Easter is a time where you see many colorful decorations, perhaps glittery eggs in pastels, or wicker baskets filled with fake grass. Have you thought of hosting an egg-painting party for your children and their friends? After the fun of painting is over, or perhaps as an intermission break from the activities, you could have a candy buffet dessert table waiting on them. Easter is easy to set up for. Chocolate bunnies, cadbury eggs, and marshmallow peeps are sure to grab attention and delight all those present.

So if you are seeking a holiday dessert set up to catch eyes and make mouths water, you can’t go wrong with a candy buffet. Be sure to take photos of your candy buffet station before digging in to the sweet selection. Your holiday sweet tooth will be cured in no time!

What Is Pediatric ENT

Pediatric ENT is specialized care for illnesses of the ear, neck and throat, Image result for What Is Pediatric ENTspecifically for children and adolescents, by a team of pediatric ENTs, also known as pediatric otolaryngology teams. These professionals specialize in treating common childhood illnesses such as chronic sinusitis and tonsillitis, otitis media (recurring ear infections), and other upper conditions of the ear, nose and throat according to the latest medical guidelines and using advanced surgical procedures when necessary.

ENTs also assess and treat more unusual disorders in children and adolescents which include:

–    upper airway breathing problems;
–    acquired or congenital neck and head masses;
–    obstructive sleep apnoea;
–    speech problems;
–    congenital hearing loss
–    obstructive and complicated airway problems.
–    abnormal snoring

Sometimes children with diseases of the ear, nose and throat require specialized care when accompanied by other medical conditions such as heart disease, developmental disorders, asthma and other complicated disorders. Pediatric ontolaryngologists are skilled in caring for children with multiple complicating conditions.

ENT teams include the following specialists:

–    otolaryngologists
–    nurses
–    speech therapists
–    swallowing pathologists
–    audiologists

Also included in ENT teams are other healthcare professionals involved in Image result for ENT teamcaring for children and adolescents with ear, nose and throat diseases.  These professionals are highly skilled in dealing with the emotional needs of young patients and always encourage active participation from parents in all aspects of health care.

Physicians diagnose problems involving the ears, nose and throat quickly and accurately by using advanced techniques and diagnostic equipment.  When a condition requires surgery, ENT specialists have access to state of the art equipment and tools such as the latest CT-guided equipment for surgery which improves the successful outcome of procedures on young patients.


Pediatric otolaryngologists have chosen pediatric care as their core medical practice to treat children from new-born through to the teenage years. The unique nature of pediatric ENT requires learning from advanced training and acquiring practical experience in the medical and surgical care of young patients.

ENTs are medical doctors who have attained at least the following qualifications:

•    4 years at medical school
•    1 year surgical internship
•    Usually 1 additional year in residency training for general surgery
•    3 to 4 additional years residency otolaryngology training including head and neck surgery
•    Additional training in pediatric otolaryngology by completing fellowship programs at one of the larger children’s medical centers.

Should your child need complex medical treatment or surgery for ear, nose and throat illnesses, you can rest assured that a pediatric otolaryngologist will have the necessary qualifications and experience required for the successful treatment of ENT conditions. In many areas, however, more specialized ENT care for children will be available at specialized medical facilities and an ENT will be able to recommend such a facility if necessary.

What Are the Plumbing Requirements for Indoor Playgrounds?

Indoor playgrounds are one of the most popular business types out there today. As local governments have failed due to the inability to collect tax money as a result of falling incomes and the prevalence of chain stores, playgrounds have generally suffered as a result, gradually falling into disrepair and eventually being condemned and torn down. This has led to a wide spread need for playgrounds for kids, since not everyone has the money or space to purchase playground equipment for their yard. So, indoor playgrounds have been popping up just about everywhere.

These businesses are great because they allow kids to play on a playground all the year round, regardless of the weather outside. This gives parents an opportunity to rest and relax. Some indoor playgrounds even offer a separate area for parents with wi-fi, electrical outlets, and coffee vending machines so they can work on their own projects or just relax with netflix and a coffee while their kids are having fun on the playground.

Asking a plumber from, he said the plumbing requirements for indoor playgrounds are different from most other types of businesses. This is because indoor playgrounds do not serve food, so they do not need the plumbing that is typical for a lot of restaurant businesses. Instead, there are two main reasons that indoor playgrounds need plumbing setups. The first is for the bathrooms, which is fairly standard plumbing, although you will need more children’s toilets and urinals as well as systems that are easy to unclog, since children tend to clog toilets very frequently due to using too much toilet paper or just being vandals.

Image result for plumbing for indoor play ground toiletsThe other common need for indoor playgrounds in terms of plumbing is floor drains and it is important as Grate Dane Heating and Air Condtioning company said that the temperature of the place is well maintained to give the best comfort of children playing. These are needed because many kids will come to the indoor playgrounds with food and drinks that inevitably end up spilled all over the equipment. For a time, operators of indoor playgrounds tried to prohibit this, but it did not work and led to many angry parents. So, modern indoor playgrounds simply install indoor pressure hoses and floor drains for cleaning in order to avoid time consuming mopping and scrubbing. This saves quite a lot of time as compared to traditional cleaning methods, and power pressure hoses can clean off basically any residue that kids will leave behind – not only food and drinks but also vomit, urine, and fecal waste.

Keep Your Child’s Nose Healthy This Winter

Winter can be really tough on your nose and airways. You feel congested all the time and the air from the furnace can dry out your nasal passages and make you miserable. If you have kids, the Becker Rhinoplasty Center said it becomes even more important to keep their airways healthy so they don’t get sick or end up with a sinus infection. Read on for some easy tips that will have the whole family breathing better this winter.

The first thing you want to address is dryness. Dry winter air depletes your sinuses of moisture which they need to function well. Dry sinuses can lead to pain, bleeding and illness because viruses have an easier time entering your child’s body when the mucus barrier isn’t moist. You might notice your child picking his nose and he might have nosebleeds if his nose is too dry.

The best way to counteract dry air is to get a humidifier. You can put one in your child’s room so at night he can breathe in the moist air. Get a warm mist humidifier because they don’t build up as much bacteria as the cold ones do and they work better for opening the sinuses.

It is also important to keep your child hydrated during the winter. Your child may not want to drink as much as usual because it is so cold, but if your body isn’t fully hydrated, your nose and airways are going to be dry and uncomfortable. This can lead your child’s nose dripping and being very dry. You want to do everything you can to keep your child’s nose and airways moist during the winter and drinking lots of fluids can help with this.

Make sure your child follows good hygiene as well. If your child doesn’t wash his hands frequently, it is likely that he is going to get sick, especially when the cold and flu season kicks in. Make sure your child has a flu shot and eats plenty of fruits and vegetables even though he might be craving bread and potatoes. You want to keep your child’s immune system up during the winter and this will help your child to healthier.

Your child’s nose is the main barrier against germs and viruses, so you want to keep his nose and airways healthy. By making sure your child’s sinuses are moist this winter, he will have a better chance of staying healthy.

Remodel Your Home So It’s More Kid Friendly


Being able to remodel your home is great because it means you have the funds to really get the work done. However, you have to make sure if you have kids that you make the space safer said Danny of Joel & Co. Construction. You home is a dangerous place for children if you haven’t childproofed your home yet.

One thing that is a big problem in a home is anything made out of glass. A glass coffee table is basically asking to be broken and hurt someone, especially if the glass on it is very thin. You’ll need to make sure that you get at least a decent piece of furniture if it has glass involved that is very difficult to break. People fall through glass table sometimes because they’re goofing around and they get extremely injured. Either way, if you are going to have materials like glass involved with a remodel, you need to have it to where a child can’t play on it.

Sharp corners can really do damage to children. Since they generally don’t have the best in balancing skills, you want to find a way to cover sharp parts of furniture and things like counters. You may not want to sand down corners, especially if the furniture is worth a lot of money. They do, however, make rubber parts that you can use to wrap around corners on your furniture. This is the best route to go because once your kids are old enough you can remove these things and not have to worry about anything getting damaged or hurting someone else.

Never keep things like a fireplace open and easy to light with a child around. Consider anything that’s within their reach to be a target for them to try to play with. For instance, you don’t want your kid to have a way to get up onto the counters. You need to cover up electrical outlets when not in use. Get a baby gate if they’re not old enough to climb one and make sure to use it around stairs or the stove just in casa something were to happen.

Remodeling a home while making sure to take care of your child’s safety is very important. Keep these tips in mind when working with any remodeling job. That then allows for you to deal with safety and making sure your home looks great when you’re done.

Tips For Choosing Kid-Friendly Household Cleaning Products


Using different cleaning agents is an essential part of keeping your home free of dirt and germs. However, according to cleaning services nyc, many cleaners you find on store shelves are filled with toxic chemicals that are harmful to children, pets, and the environment. While these products may get your home clean, they can do more harm than good. This makes it important to choose household cleaning products that are safe for your kids. Fortunately, there are many options available that are safe yet effective for keeping your home clean.

Ammonia, bleach, chlorine and triclosan are four primary ingredients to avoid in cleaning products. These chemicals are extremely potent, and they can cause irritation when inhaled when they come into contact with skin. They can be extremely harmful or fatal if they are ingested by children, animals, and even grown adults. These ingredients are the most commonly used ones in household products, but they are deadly and should not be used in a home with children.

When a product label says that it is non-toxic or eco-friendly, this is certainly a good sign that the product is safer than others. However, this does not mean that it is 100 percent safe for use around children. If you are unsure about the ingredients in products with these labels, research the ingredients online. You can easily find out whether or not they are safe for use around children.

If you would like you use all-natural cleaners with absolutely no chemical ingredients, you can often find them in the health food or organic section of your favorite stores. You can also purchase them online from numerous retailers. There are multiple brands that offer organic, safe cleaners that are incredibly effective. However, you should always verify the credibility of each product and ingredient prior to buying it.

Lastly, you may want to consider making your own cleaning products using safe and natural ingredients. Baking soda and white vinegar are commonly used for numerous household cleaning needs. Lemon juice and essential oils are also very commonly used in cleaning agents to give them a pleasant smell and to cut through grease. You can very easily find recipes online for dozens of different do-it-yourself cleaning products.

Overall, finding kid-friendly household cleaning products is not a difficult task. When you keep the above information in mind, you can easily explore all of your available options. Simply use caution and do your research. You will quickly find or create safe, effective products for cleaning your home.

How To Create A Toddler Friendly Kitchen Design


One of the most common areas for parents to spend a lot of time planning during new home construction or a renovation is the kitchen area. According to experience, Maestro-Bath observed that they spend a lot of time reviewing the enormous number of appliance models, styles for cabinet doors and materials for countertops.

However, they do not spend a lot of time considering who will be sharing the kitchen with them. If little ones will be in the kitchen, it is easy to make the kitchen toddler and kid friendly for your little ones.

Toddler Friendly Materials

Parents will need to make sure that the materials they select for their countertops and cabinets are child friendly. For example, Silestone and Zodiaq brands are excellent for countertops because these types of countertops are scratch and stain resistant. They are also very easy to clean.

When choosing cabinetry, keep in mind that the finish of the cabinets is more important than the style or the material used. Cabinets that are stained to look darker can be an excellent choice in households with young children.

Darker wood tends conceal dirt, stains and scratches. However, lighter cabinets show dirt, dents and scratches, but they help to reflect sunlight as well as make the kitchen feel larger.

Linoleum is the best material to use when choosing flooring. Fragile dishes and glassware are less likely to break if dropped on a linoleum floor. This occurs because this type of material absorbs shock very well.

On the other hand, if you choose flooring made from materials such as slate or tile not only will the floor absorb less shock, it can also cause achy feet and legs if stood on for a long period of time. Slate and tile can also cause bruising on your child if they fall on the hard surface.


Anything that you do not want your child to access should be stored high, store all toddler friendly items low. A floor to ceiling bank of cabinets may be the best option. Choose cabinets that are at least 12 inches deep.

As children get older and begin to help with kitchen chores such as unloading the dishwasher, items that were once stored high can be stored lower so children can access them.

These are just some of the design options parents can consider when selecting toddler friendly kitchen designs. As your child becomes older, items can easily be rearranged to keep up with the changes of your growing child.

My Favourite Childhood Memory

I have many happy childhood memories (many of them involving food) but my favourite one is freedom!

I wish I could replicate this freedom for my children but society has changed. For some reason, it is now frowned upon for children to do things on their own, without adult supervision. This applies to so many different situations, whether that is playing in the streets or walking to school. Whereas I used to be able to collect my younger brother at the end of the day, when I was 11 and he was 7, that would never happen today.During the summer evenings, after finishing my homework, I was allowed to go out into the street and play. I grew up in the suburbs of a city and I knew many of the children who lived in the neighbouring houses. We used to charge around, in and out of each other’s gardens playing hide and seek and 40,40. We whizzed around on our bikes, climbed trees, walked along walls and generally had a lot of fun. We never had to tell anyone where we were going or what we were doing – we could just be spontaneous. It was fantastic.

In my view, being a parent is a process of letting go and giving your children a chance to do things for themselves. I wonder what their favourite childhood memories will be in the future?


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