Keep Your Child’s Nose Healthy This Winter

Winter can be really tough on your nose and airways. You feel congested all the time and the air from the furnace can dry out your nasal passages and make you miserable. If you have kids, the Becker Rhinoplasty Center said it becomes even more important to keep their airways healthy so they don’t get sick or end up with a sinus infection. Read on for some easy tips that will have the whole family breathing better this winter.

The first thing you want to address is dryness. Dry winter air depletes your sinuses of moisture which they need to function well. Dry sinuses can lead to pain, bleeding and illness because viruses have an easier time entering your child’s body when the mucus barrier isn’t moist. You might notice your child picking his nose and he might have nosebleeds if his nose is too dry.

The best way to counteract dry air is to get a humidifier. You can put one in your child’s room so at night he can breathe in the moist air. Get a warm mist humidifier because they don’t build up as much bacteria as the cold ones do and they work better for opening the sinuses.

It is also important to keep your child hydrated during the winter. Your child may not want to drink as much as usual because it is so cold, but if your body isn’t fully hydrated, your nose and airways are going to be dry and uncomfortable. This can lead your child’s nose dripping and being very dry. You want to do everything you can to keep your child’s nose and airways moist during the winter and drinking lots of fluids can help with this.

Make sure your child follows good hygiene as well. If your child doesn’t wash his hands frequently, it is likely that he is going to get sick, especially when the cold and flu season kicks in. Make sure your child has a flu shot and eats plenty of fruits and vegetables even though he might be craving bread and potatoes. You want to keep your child’s immune system up during the winter and this will help your child to healthier.

Your child’s nose is the main barrier against germs and viruses, so you want to keep his nose and airways healthy. By making sure your child’s sinuses are moist this winter, he will have a better chance of staying healthy.

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