Creative Ideas for the Best Holiday Candy Buffet Ever

A candy buffet is a dessert table that works quite similar to the kind of buffet station you would expect to see serving food. If you are in search of the perfect dessert set up at an upcoming gathering you are hosting, but unsure of how to go about it, have no fear! We have plenty of fantastic ideas listed for you here.

#1. Christmas Party Candy Buffet

Are you celebrating the holiday season with your loved ones at a soiree you are hosting? A candy buffet Image result for holiday candy dessertmakes the perfect dessert station for those who are hoping for a holly jolly Christmas. Don’t worry about what candies to choose, you can go online to have some ideas, like sneak on One idea is to lay down a tablecloth that covers the table you choose to serve on nicely, which hanging over the front quite a bit. You may even want the cloth to be long enough to graze the table. On the tablecloth, attach some stockings and let them hang at the front of your candy display. In these stockings, you can place candy canes or any choice of holiday candy you so choose. On top of the table, lay down either plastic or paper cups and bowls (usually found in the party aisle in most stores like Walmart or Target). Plastic ones are ideal if you want something see-through to display the candy selection you so choose in an easy way. And you don’t have to just use peppermint candy canes during this time of year. Green and red candy would be ideal, but this can be anything from sour apple and cherry taffy to individually wrapped chocolates.

#2. Easter Candy Buffet

Easter is a time where you see many colorful decorations, perhaps glittery eggs in pastels, or wicker baskets filled with fake grass. Have you thought of hosting an egg-painting party for your children and their friends? After the fun of painting is over, or perhaps as an intermission break from the activities, you could have a candy buffet dessert table waiting on them. Easter is easy to set up for. Chocolate bunnies, cadbury eggs, and marshmallow peeps are sure to grab attention and delight all those present.

So if you are seeking a holiday dessert set up to catch eyes and make mouths water, you can’t go wrong with a candy buffet. Be sure to take photos of your candy buffet station before digging in to the sweet selection. Your holiday sweet tooth will be cured in no time!