Remodel Your Home So It’s More Kid Friendly

Being able to remodel your home is great because it means you have the funds to really get the work done. However, you have to make sure if you have kids that you make the space safer said Danny of Joel & Co. Construction. You home is a dangerous place for children if you haven’t childproofed your home yet.

One thing that is a big problem in a home is anything made out of glass. A glass coffee table is basically asking to be broken and hurt someone, especially if the glass on it is very thin. You’ll need to make sure that you get at least a decent piece of furniture if it has glass involved that is very difficult to break. People fall through glass table sometimes because they’re goofing around and they get extremely injured. Either way, if you are going to have materials like glass involved with a remodel, you need to have it to where a child can’t play on it.

Sharp corners can really do damage to children. Since they generally don’t have the best in balancing skills, you want to find a way to cover sharp parts of furniture and things like counters. You may not want to sand down corners, especially if the furniture is worth a lot of money. They do, however, make rubber parts that you can use to wrap around corners on your furniture. This is the best route to go because once your kids are old enough you can remove these things and not have to worry about anything getting damaged or hurting someone else.

Never keep things like a fireplace open and easy to light with a child around. Consider anything that’s within their reach to be a target for them to try to play with. For instance, you don’t want your kid to have a way to get up onto the counters. You need to cover up electrical outlets when not in use. Get a baby gate if they’re not old enough to climb one and make sure to use it around stairs or the stove just in casa something were to happen.

Remodeling a home while making sure to take care of your child’s safety is very important. Keep these tips in mind when working with any remodeling job. That then allows for you to deal with safety and making sure your home looks great when you’re done.