What Are the Plumbing Requirements for Indoor Playgrounds?

Indoor playgrounds are one of the most popular business types out there today. As local governments have failed due to the inability to collect tax money as a result of falling incomes and the prevalence of chain stores, playgrounds have generally suffered as a result, gradually falling into disrepair and eventually being condemned and torn down. This has led to a wide spread need for playgrounds for kids, since not everyone has the money or space to purchase playground equipment for their yard. So, indoor playgrounds have been popping up just about everywhere.

These businesses are great because they allow kids to play on a playground all the year round, regardless of the weather outside. This gives parents an opportunity to rest and relax. Some indoor playgrounds even offer a separate area for parents with wi-fi, electrical outlets, and coffee vending machines so they can work on their own projects or just relax with netflix and a coffee while their kids are having fun on the playground.

Asking a plumber from http://mtpplumbing.com/, he said the plumbing requirements for indoor playgrounds are different from most other types of businesses. This is because indoor playgrounds do not serve food, so they do not need the plumbing that is typical for a lot of restaurant businesses. Instead, there are two main reasons that indoor playgrounds need plumbing setups. The first is for the bathrooms, which is fairly standard plumbing, although you will need more children’s toilets and urinals as well as systems that are easy to unclog, since children tend to clog toilets very frequently due to using too much toilet paper or just being vandals.

Image result for plumbing for indoor play ground toiletsThe other common need for indoor playgrounds in terms of plumbing is floor drains and it is important as Grate Dane Heating and Air Condtioning company said that the temperature of the place is well maintained to give the best comfort of children playing. These are needed because many kids will come to the indoor playgrounds with food and drinks that inevitably end up spilled all over the equipment. For a time, operators of indoor playgrounds tried to prohibit this, but it did not work and led to many angry parents. So, modern indoor playgrounds simply install indoor pressure hoses and floor drains for cleaning in order to avoid time consuming mopping and scrubbing. This saves quite a lot of time as compared to traditional cleaning methods, and power pressure hoses can clean off basically any residue that kids will leave behind – not only food and drinks but also vomit, urine, and fecal waste.