Planning Your Sunroom Design

If you want to add extra space to your home, that you want to be able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, you should consider a sunroom. With a sunroom, you can enjoy the outdoor surroundings all year long, day or night.

A sunroom will give your family a place to relax and be refreshed. This is a great place to spend time together. Your family will enjoy this elegant space, and it will increase the value of your home. On the other hand, maintenance for sunroom is never easy but could be done by yourself however, according to a worker from a termite pest control Santa Clara County based company, just make sure you don’t overlook termites living on wooden anchors of the glasses as it may cause glasses to colapse.

Planning your Sunroom

Before you call in a contractor to prepare your home for the sunroom, you need to decide some things. Start by looking over the available material. You can get this information from sunroom manufacturers.

Image result for increase the value of your home with a sunroomMake sure you know the specifics of your design plan, including the total square footage of the planned space, the wall height and thickness, the width and thickness of the insulated windows, and the live and wind loads. You should also specify whether you want to use aluminum alloy or wood in your sunroom design.

After you get the technical specifications squared away, consider how the sunroom’s design plan will reflect the planned use of the room. Will this be a formal room used for special occasions and gatherings? Will you use is as a casual room, where friends and family can kick back and enjoy themselves? Consider the physical structure too, learn to realize what type of floors you need like maybe you need to contact a service provider for lvt flooring installation on how much does it cost for lvt flooring and what are the downside and benefits of lvt flooring for your sunroom. Plan ahead whether you’re going to put plants as decorations inside or will you buy some hanging decors as you will not expect decors on glass walls.

Maybe you have a big family and there are lots of pets and kids. If so, them you may be better off looking for a sunroom design that has extra space for them to play. The design should be tailored to meet your needs.

When working on the design you need to determine if you want the walls constructed entirely of glass, or do you want knee panels so that you can have a few electrical outlets. I saw some inspirational designs at if it will help.

Do you need to adapt the sunroom design so that you can build it on top of an existing porch or deck? Do you need to pour a new foundation for the sunroom?

Do you want a conservatory sunroom design with walls and ceilings made of glass? Or, would you rather have a well-insulated sunroom with special glazing so that you can use it all year long?

Design a Sunroom That Fits Your Budget

You should expect to pay between $10,000 and $70,000 for a sunroom. So, it’s important to speak to your contractor about ways to create a sunroom design that incorporates the features you want without going over your stipulated budget.

For example, if you have a deck or porch, you can build the sunroom onto its foundation. It will cost more money to grade your lot and pour a new foundation. This money can be applied to other features you want in your sunroom.

If you choose a three-season design instead of a four-season sunroom, you’ll save a lot of money. However, that means you won’t be able to use your sunroom three or four months of the year if you have severe winters in your area.

In the end, your sunroom design should be the result of lots of thought, planning, and discussions with your qualified sunroom contractor.